I am Denise Sohandev and I am no guru or Enlightened Being… I am a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Wife and Mom who has studied extensively and passionately the teachings of many disciplines. My passion is to present these teachings to you in a way that you can use them to transform your day to day life. I use coaching, yoga, meditation and gentle mindfulness processes to guide my clients to a space of peaceful, radiant, empowered well-being.

I trained as a yoga teacher in 2006 in Kerala, India and as a teacher I am privileged to share the teachings of Kundalini and Sivananda Yoga. It is my purpose to guide my students by taking the sometimes esoteric teachings of yoga and anchoring them in a practical way for contemporary living.

As a Master NLP Life Coach I use Timeline techniques, hypnotherapy and other modalities to guide clients towards letting go of and releasing their limiting decisions, beliefs and habits that keep them small as we forge a new path of awareness and understanding.

It is my belief that each student can be guided to discovering who they are and empowered to make the changes they need in order to remember who they are as they navigate the flow of life with grace and ease.

LiveShanti was born out of a passion to share these teachings, Shanti means peace and I hope to equip you with the tools you need to live peacefully within yourself, regardless of your external circumstances. It has been said that the only thing we have control over in this lifetime is our response, and we know that this determines how we live our lives.
It is impossible to completely eliminate all stress but we can learn how to manage stress easily and effortlessly.



Mindfulness coaching will give you the tools you need to start living a life of intention and purpose. It will help you identify and let go of your limiting beliefs, decisions and patterns that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. We believe that you within you is everything you need for success all you need are the right tools to access it.


At her studio in White River, Denise teaches Kundalini and Hatha classes from Monday to Friday. We are mindful that the world is made up of beautiful bodies of all colours,shapes, sizes and abilities and you are encouraged to work within your individual needs wherever you may be on your journey. In addition to group classes we offer private sessions for one-on-one tuition to work with your specific needs and goals.


Our regular workshops cover various aspects of yogic philosophy such as the chakras, the elements and breath work. We also explore ideas such as freedom, self-love, compassion and kindness. These workshops are the lifeblood of our mission which is to take your yoga off the mat, out the studio and into your life. If you are looking to live a more peaceful and less stressful life we’d love you to join us.


Retreats, a journey of self-discovery. Attending a retreat removes you from the distractions of your daily life and allows you to connect with yourself in a way that is not possible amidst the busy-ness of daily life. Our retreats are held in South Africa and abroad and they are suitable for all ages, genders and abilities. Even if you have never done yoga before.


Having spent 8 years working in the Financial Sector in London, UK, Denise is well aware of corporate stress and how it negatively impacts working environments. To counter this we offer on-site mindfulness and stress management workshops for employees as well as fun and informative interactive mindfulness talks for your events. Contact us to see if we can help improve your working environment.