What is Neuro coaching?

Neuro coaching is a process of exploring a clients limiting beliefs, behaviours and patterns that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. Issues addressed may range from health, career or relationships to depression and addiction.

The coach and client will explore the root causes of their behaviour through various techniques including TimeLine Therapy and mindfulness as a means of releasing the hold the sub-conscious has on the present situation.

We now know that 95% of our behaviour comes from the sub-conscious mind, this includes breathing and bodily functions but also our view of the world, habits and patterns which are usually learned during our formative years, before the age of 7. Through identifying these sub-conscious decisions and beliefs we can use proven techniques to change the sub-conscious behaviours allowing the client to move forwards in their healing.

Much like sports coaching, neuro coaching is a process of empowering the client by identifying areas that need to be addressed and giving them the tools they need to make lasting change. This is an interactive process that places the power of transformation in the clients own hands.


You deserve to be happy now… not at some distant, unspecified time in the future, but right now.
All you need are the right tools to reconnect with your innate wisdom that will guide you back to your authentic Self.

Ask yourself how motivated you are to let go of the limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. If you find yourself dissatisfied because you don’t believe you’re worthy of the greatness for which you were intended or if you have experienced constant health issues, unhappy employment, abusive relationships, depression or addictions that you put up with because you don’t believe you deserve more then this program can guide you back to you.

Through the practice of NLP life coaching including time line therapy, hypnosis, mindfulness and various other modalities that I have studied in my own journey to wholeness I will give you have the opportunity to take back your life.
Are you ready to live the joyous life you were created for and to fulfil your infinite potential.

You can Navigate the flow of life with grace & ease.

Who needs a mindfulness coach?

If you feel that you have not reached your full potential in any area of your life mindfulness coaching can invite you to:

Embrace self-love

Improve confidence, self esteem and let go of feeling “not good enough”.

Create healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

Transform your relationships – marital, friendships, colleagues, family.

Realise your full potential.

Experience the joy of work/life balance.

Understand and manage your anger, fear, sadness, grief.

Navigate change easily and effortlessly.

Create connection

Let go of limiting thoughts, beliefs and decisions that keep you playing small.

Live your purpose.

Experience happy, whole-hearted living