Create a year of intention and purpose!
This is the perfect opportunity to head into 2020 with an attitude of abundance.
When we think lack, we create lack.
When we think abundance we create abundance!

What will you choose for 2020?
Abundant love
Abundant adventure
Abundant money
Abundant friendships
Abundant success
Abundant health

You create your life through your thoughts, beliefs and actions, let 2020 be the year you create abundantly!

This workshop will include yoga, meditation and coaching practices to set you on the path to creating a vision board that reflects what you truly want to attract into 2020.

Our lives attract what we focus on, focus on what you want, put your energy into creating a life you love. The vision board serves as a concrete tangible reminder of our intentions and helps us to stay focussed on what we’re trying to achieve.

This workshop fills up really quickly every year.

R600 includes materials and lunch
Saturday 30 November
9am – 3pm in White River
083 387 3866 or
50% deposit secures your space