Breathing is universal.

It is the one way that we are all connected.

Our primal instinctive wisdom tells us to turn to breath in times of distress. How many times have you said “just breathe” to someone in pain, fear or anger/

We know the healing capacity of the breath but we’re forgetting to use its full capacity.

Breathing faster and deeper can change our physiology, it affects lung capacity, alkalinity, heart rate. But for me, as a coach, the curiosity is in how it changes our psychology. Using the breath to enter an altered state allows us to step out of conditioned thinking, even if just for a moment.

This has opened up a whole new realm of healing possibility.

Using a combination of healing modalities a typical session will start with compassionate inquiry into the presenting issue, followed by deep altered state breathing and using the expansiveness after the breathwork to delve deeply into where you find yourself.

Your body knows what you need, these sessions simply create space to access that deep primal wisdom.

Sessions can be done online or in person, after payment you will receive an email to secure the time of your session.

Magic happens when women come together.

Join BeJay Watson and Denise Sohandev
for a conscious gathering of minds, bodies and souls as we explore the power of
Breathwork, Sound Therapy and open sharing in divine ceremony.

In this circle we will explore the concept of:
Intentional Healing

What does my life look like when I am intentional?
What do I do differently when I live my life on purpose?
Who am I when I live with intention?

Sunday 15 August
White River
R550 incl materials & refreshments

Join us online for 3 classes per week.
Choose to join live classes or practice using the recordings at a time that suits you.

Live classes Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 06.15am


During this in studio event we will explore the healing power of transformational breathwork. Consciously directing the breath in order to have a transformational experience.

Breathing faster and deeper decreases the amount of carbon dioxide in the body, the body compensates by making the blood more alkaline which creates certain changes in the brain.

This leads to certain areas of your brain having more activity and certain areas have less activity, one of the areas that has less activity is the pre-frontal cortex.

The pre-frontal cortex is the part of your brain responsible for the mental constructs of Self, when this area has less activity the ego mind can disappear or can be deactivated, allowing you to connect to the inner intelligence, inner guidance, inner wisdom that is within each of us when we let go of the story we have created about ourselves and the world.

No experience is necessary, this process is open to all.

We will breathe at LiveShanti Studio in White River on Tuesday 31 August from 17.30-19.30