I’m not a vegan, in fact, I’m not even a vegetarian. If you were to follow me on Instagram however you may be under the impression that I am one or the other. I was a vegetarian for 14 years and I still love veggies and veggie
based meals but I am certainly no longer a vegetarian.


Which begs the question… how much does your real life resemble your Social Media life?

As a yogi being a vegetarian is assumed, as a human, the lines can be blurry. I believe in eating in a healthy and nourishing way to support the needs of my body, but even there I often fail and binge on junk food – I’ve realised that my human-ness tends to outweigh my Yogi-ness quite often. I do however, worry about the effect of massively meat based diets on the environment and the health of the human race and that is why I choose to share the delicious vegetarian and vegan meals that I prepare on social media rather than the meaty meals. I would like to inspire other meat eaters to also explore the idea of plant based meals from time to time. It doesn’t mean converting to veganism and throwing away your leather sandals but it does mean thinking about how you can make a difference to your health and the environment without sacrificing on taste and pleasure. I’ve thought a lot about what I choose to share on my massively edited Instagram account. I love Instagram and I love how I am inspired by what I see on Instagram but I am constantly reminding myself that what I see on Instagram (social media) is hugely edited. Just as I choose not to share my roast chicken dinner so too do the ‘perfect’ moms choose not to share the toddler tantrums, the gorgeous yogis choose not to share the before shots and the amazing food shots actually took days to create. We create an illusion on social media of who we would like to be perceived as and that’s ok, so long as we remember that everyone else is doing the same. Surely the challenge in this social media obsessed world that we live in is to try and be
more like the person we create on Social Media? Maybe I should aspire to eat more vegan meals (like my Instagram account suggests) maybe if the person I was trying to emulate was myself I’d have a better chance of success? Maybe its time we all took a look at our own Social Media accounts and if we like what we see follow that path instead of
drooling over other highly edited accounts? In yoga we are taught to practice Ahimsa – do no harm, and yet so many of us spend so much time beating ourselves up because we are unable to fulfil the expectations we create for ourselves. Imagine the possibilities of using the energy expended in berating ourselves in creating the life we truly seek? The one really good aspect of Social Media editing is that on looking back I am filled with gratitude for those perfect moments that I choose to share. When the chips are down and the wheels fall off (as they so often do), I can look back and be reminded of all the great times and experiences that have crossed my path. Deepak Chopra tells us “I create my own world” nowhere is this more true than on Social Media, if I really like the life I create there, perhaps I should put more effort into creating the same life in the real world? Perhaps I should simply aspire to be more Me?After all, I love what I see on my Social Media accounts!